Cross County Savings Bank Business Checking Account Disclosure 

Business Checking 

Rate Information: The account is a non-interest bearing account. 

Limitations: You must deposit $1.00 to open this account. If at any time during a statement cycle the account balance falls below $2,500.00, the Bank will impose a maintenance fee of $20.00 per statement cycle. 

Our Rights to Terminate Your Account: We may close your account at any time. We will notify you if we do so. We may refuse to pay any check presented to us for payment after our notice. We may mail you our check for the balance of the account. If your account has been inactive for at least ninety (90) consecutive days, we may close the account without notice to you. 

Account Features: Unlimited check writing, unlimited deposits, no fee for paid checks, coin and currency transactions, free ATM access at Cross County ATMs, ACH and direct deposit, free online banking and online bill pay and Visa Debit Card. 

Business Overdraft Protection: Overdraft protection is only available for checks presented for payment through “in clearing” or for ACH debits. Overdraft protection cannot be accessed via an ATM, Debit Card transactions or an over the counter transaction at a branch location. Overdraft protection is not free. There is a $50.00 per item charge for items paid against insufficient funds regardless of the amount of the item. The maximum overdraft protection is $1,000.00 plus the above mentioned per item charge for paying the item. Cross County Savings Bank reserves the right to discontinue this service at our discretion. Abuse of this service may result in the closure of this account upon reasonable notice to you, and the tendering of the account balance to you personally or by mail. 

Account Fees: Refer to the fee schedule for fees that could reduce the balance in your account such as rolled coins and returned items. We may amend these terms and conditions at any time by mailing a notice to you or, if applicable law permits, by posting a notice in our branch locations. The change shall become effective thirty (30) days after we give you notice, unless applicable law requires longer notice. 

The Cross County Savings Bank Deposit Account Disclosures/All About Your Account(s) Terms and Conditions apply to this product, and are incorporated herein by reference. Please refer to the Deposit Account Disclosures/All About Your Account(s) Terms and Conditions for a detailed explanation. The terms stated above only apply to the product identified above. To the extent that the terms stated above are inconsistent with the Deposit Account Disclosures/All About Your Account(s) Terms and Conditions, the terms stated above will prevail and supersede any inconsistent provision(s). 

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