Fee Schedule as of July 10, 2017

ATM transactions at Cross County No Charge
ATM transactions at a non-Cross County ATM $1.00
ATM Card/Debit Card replacement $10.00
ATM/Debit Card Point of Sale Transactions PIN entered $1.00
Account reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Account transcripts (per hour) $25.00
Accounts inactive 2 years or longer (per month.)  
(Fee not applicable to savings accounts) $5.00
Amendment of existing account $10.00
American Express Gift Cards $3.95
American Express Gift Checks $2.50
Business Checking account balance below $2,500.00  
minimum per monthly statement cycle. $15.00
Business Checking Overdraft (per item) $50.00
Business Checking Premium Overdraft (Draw Processing)  
per daily occurrence $40.00
Cash Exchange - Consumer Accounts (per $1,000.00) $10.00
Checks Paid on Uncollected Funds $30.00
Copy of a tellers check or money order (each) $15.00
Coin Machine (non-customer) 10% of Amount
Collection charge (outgoing) $25.00
Collection of coupons - per envelope $25.00
Collection of foreign items (fee plus Correspondent Bank fees) $55.00
Community Business Checking account balance below  
$500.00 minimum per monthly statement cycle. $15.00
Community Business Savings account balance below  
$100.00 minimum per monthly statement cycle. $5.00
Consular/Immigration Reference letter $25.00
Domestic incoming wire transfer $15.00
Domestic outgoing wire transfer $40.00
Duplicate year end statement (per copy) $10.00
Early close out of Holiday Club (before club ends) $10.00
Foreign incoming wire transfer $15.00
Foreign outgoing wire transfer $45.00
Information Subpoena $25.00
Interest Checking monthly service charge $1.50
Legal Processing Fee (Restraining Notices, Levies,  
Subpoenas, etc./per item) $100.00
Living Trust Account set-up fee $100.00
Medallion Guarantee $10.00
Money Market account balance below $500.00 minimum  
balance (per month) $5.00
Money Order - Depositors $4.00
Money Order - Non-Depositors $7.00
Notary of Public Services - Depositor No Charge
Notary of Public Services - Non-Depositor $2.00
No Book Withdrawal $10.00
On Us Check cashed for non-customer $5.00
Overdraft (Bounce Protection) per item $30.00
Premium Overdraft (Draw Processing) per daily occurrence $30.00
Preferred Business Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee $50.00
Preferred Checking balance below $7,500.00 minimum  
(per month) $1.50
Photocopy of a check (each) $10.00
Photocopy of statements (per statement) $10.00
Photocopies of transaction slip $10.00
Reclamation of Abandoned Property by Cross County $25.00
Record research (Minimum 1 hour) per hour $30.00
Replacement of a lost passbook $10.00
Return check deposited/cashed against any account (each) $10.00
Return check on loan payments (each) $30.00
Return Item Charge $30.00
Returned mail handling (per item) $5.00
Rolled Coin - in excess of 5 rolls (per roll) $0.20
Safe Deposit Box rental fees are based on the size of the box.  
(Please consult your branch for fees.)  
Safe Deposit Box - One lost key $25.00
Safe Deposit Box - Two lost keys $150.00
Safe Deposit Box late payment fee $10.00
Savings Account end of month balance below $100.00 $4.00
Savings accounts closed within six months of opening $10.00
Senior Advantage Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Statement of Balance Letter $25.00
Stop payment on ACH $30.00
Stop payment on Check $30.00
Stop payment on tellers check or money order (each) $15.00
Telephone/Fax Transfer Request (each) $10.00
Tellers checks under $1,000.00 $10.00
Tellers checks $1,000.00 or more No Charge
Travelers Checks - per $100.00 $1.00
Travelers Checks for two - per $100.00 $1.50
Withdrawals in excess of Reg. D limits per monthly  
statement cycle (per item) $8.00

Fees are subject to change.