Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
2nd Lien Position Only

As of February 22, 2018

The Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan - 2nd Lien Position Only rates listed below are for Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied One to Four Family Homes.

Not all rates are posted.  Please contact our mortgage professionals for additional information.


Home Equity Loans (Closed-end):
Cross County Savings Bank offers Home Equity Loans with terms of 10, 15, or 20 years.
Property insurance is always required and flood insurance is required where necessary.
Certain property types are not eligible collateral.
The maximum line amount is $208,500.00 for a Home Equity Loan.
Cross County Savings Bank pays all closing costs on Home Equity Loans up to and including $208,500.00, except for a $500.00 application fee. All Home Equity loans must be secured by a 2nd position lien only. If you terminate your Home Equity Loan within 36 months of opening it, you will be required to reimburse Cross County Savings Bank for any mortgage and government taxes, recording fees, title/search fees, and any closing agent or attorney fees Cross County Savings Bank paid on your behalf.