CDs & IRAs

Certificate of Deposits1,2

With a Cross County Savings Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) account, you'll be able to put your money away safely, all while watching it collect interest (for the duration of one of the many terms that Cross County offers).

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)2,3,4

Cross County Savings Bank offers a variety of Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts including our popular 18 Month Variable account that will help fortify your nest egg for what matters most before and during retirement.

Visit a local branch today for a comprehensive evaluation to determine which accounts are right for you.

CD Rates IRA Rates

1. Additional terms & conditions apply. Please see Account Terms & Conditions for more information.  Rates, terms and fees are subject to change at any time.
2. Fees may reduce earnings.
3. Additional Terms & Conditions apply. Please contact us to obtain IRA terms and conditions.
4. Please consult your tax advisor.